Thank you for a great but short 2020 season. We have posted our potential dates and registration will open shortly. In the meantime, please stay safe, social distance and we will see you for an amazing 2021 season.

Did You Know....

The Spyder Training Program, developed in co-operation with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and endorsed by the Driver Certification Program is one of the few Spyder training programs offered anywhere in the world. If you love the fun and adventure of riding a motorcycle, but want more stability than two wheels can offer, the Can-Am Spyder is your answer to cruising the open road. Learn to ride this stylish 3-wheeler safely and complete your M2M licence test. We will start with in-class instructions (Friday Evening), then spend a full day (Saturday or Sunday) in our dedicated training area learning and practicing safe riding techniques. If you are considering purchasing a Spyder, or if you just want to test it out, this course allows you to learn safe riding techniques while getting your licence.

You are one step closer to getting your licence.

Learn to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle with the M1 Exit course, a 10 hour basic training program that includes an official test recognized by the MTO that renders you eligible for the M2M licencing training. Take advantage of this offer valued at over $250 today and get closer to your dream of riding a Can-Am Spyder!
See course locations for details.


A Word About Risk:

Riding a Spyder is inherently risky. Although we strive to provide a very safe training environment, there is still a risk of injury. These courses are strenuous, tiring, mentally and physically challenging.. A few people during the training season may incur injuries such as fractures and sprains. You will be required to sign a waiver of claim (see the waiver of claim form for the College where you intend to take the course) prior to taking our course. If these risks are unacceptable to you, and you do not wish to sign the waiver, please do not register.